Knitwear Designing Update:

Hey, guys!

Designing is in a holding pattern around finishing a sample. It is probably my least favorite thing right now. During the spring, I’m all about doing as much as humanly possible and repeating the same set of stitches over some 240+ stitches for 20″ or more, is not fun for me. I like more complex projects around this time. However, to move forward I need to finish this sample. Ugh! lol

You can check my progress every Saturday during my Twitch stream at 8PM US Central Time (-5 GMT). I also talk about the design process, show current and future designs, spin yarn, and talk fiber preparation.

This past Saturday, I showed off the Comb and Hackle sets purchased from Blue Mountain Handcrafts and explained how they are used.

It’s always a ton of fun on Saturdays. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about constructing yarns and textiles. If you’re interested in seeing anything in particular on my stream, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord.

Until then, happy stitches!



Manic Monday Stream

Starting Monday, February 5th, I will be streaming, but this ain’t yo mama’s stream. I’m going to make it fun. A spin of the wheel will determine what the theme of the stream will be. Once the wheel selects a theme, we’ll vote on the subject matter in chat.

There are a lot of choices:

  • Try a New Brush Set
  • 1 Hour 1 Sketch
  • Art Movement Study
  • Pose Study
  • Anatomy Study
  • Style Study

I’m open to more ideas to add to the wheel. Feel free to add them to the #streams channel in my Discord server.

Don’t forget that if you have Amazon Prime, you also have Twitch Prime. This allows you to watch ad-free, as well as subscribe for free to one Twitch (Affiliate or Partner) per month. If you’re a gamer, you’ll also get bonus loot in-game. So, link your Prime account now.


New Twitch Stream Schedule:

Saturday thru Monday 8PM US Central/2AM UTC
Tuesday 10AM US Central/4PM UTC