Knitwear Designing Update:

Hey, guys!

Designing is in a holding pattern around finishing a sample. It is probably my least favorite thing right now. During the spring, I’m all about doing as much as humanly possible and repeating the same set of stitches over some 240+ stitches for 20″ or more, is not fun for me. I like more complex projects around this time. However, to move forward I need to finish this sample. Ugh! lol

You can check my progress every Saturday during my Twitch stream at 8PM US Central Time (-5 GMT). I also talk about the design process, show current and future designs, spin yarn, and talk fiber preparation.

This past Saturday, I showed off the Comb and Hackle sets purchased from Blue Mountain Handcrafts and explained how they are used.

It’s always a ton of fun on Saturdays. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about constructing yarns and textiles. If you’re interested in seeing anything in particular on my stream, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord.

Until then, happy stitches!



Spring Sprang Shrug

Spring has sprung, which is why your young one needs a classic style cocoon shrug. I designed this shrug with simplistic styling along the back for toddlers, children, and teens. There is “/cm of positive ease, so there is room to grow.

The pattern stitch was improvised from The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. Instead of repeating the flower after completing a bud, it would return to reverse stockinette stitch. The other change was the randomization of bud height. It is supposed to look like a line of buds waiting to bloom in the springtime.

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Design Process: Sketching

This is the second post of a three post series on my design process. If you would like to read the previous post, please, click here. The next step in the process is sketching how I envision the final product and making additional notes. There is a lot of practice required for this stage, but best of all, anyone can do it.

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Falalalala-iday Knits Vol. 1

Fresh designs for the fall and winter are here! These lovely little knits are unique and fun. They range from beginner and intermediate skill levels.

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