Knitwear Designing Update:

Hey, guys!

Designing is in a holding pattern around finishing a sample. It is probably my least favorite thing right now. During the spring, I’m all about doing as much as humanly possible and repeating the same set of stitches over some 240+ stitches for 20″ or more, is not fun for me. I like more complex projects around this time. However, to move forward I need to finish this sample. Ugh! lol

You can check my progress every Saturday during my Twitch stream at 8PM US Central Time (-5 GMT). I also talk about the design process, show current and future designs, spin yarn, and talk fiber preparation.

This past Saturday, I showed off the Comb and Hackle sets purchased from Blue Mountain Handcrafts and explained how they are used.

It’s always a ton of fun on Saturdays. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about constructing yarns and textiles. If you’re interested in seeing anything in particular on my stream, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord.

Until then, happy stitches!



Caring for Knits: Save your Sweaters

We’re in the height of sweater season here in Wisconsin. Even though we’ve had a few days of spring weather, it’s still necessary to keep out those sweaters. Finding proper drawer storage for them has become problematic until I came across a USA Today video on YouTube.

It shows how to hang your sweaters without the guilt of ruining them. I tried it, and it’s amazing! No longer will my sweaters sit stacked on my nightstand. Check out the video below:


Now, the only thing to do is invest in some quality hangars that will hold up to the heavier sweaters. Hellooo, Amazon!


Spring Sprang Shrug

Spring has sprung, which is why your young one needs a classic style cocoon shrug. I designed this shrug with simplistic styling along the back for toddlers, children, and teens. There is “/cm of positive ease, so there is room to grow.

The pattern stitch was improvised from The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. Instead of repeating the flower after completing a bud, it would return to reverse stockinette stitch. The other change was the randomization of bud height. It is supposed to look like a line of buds waiting to bloom in the springtime.

Featured Yarn: Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima Fine in Yellow Rose .**

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Cotton Yarns from

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Design Process: Sketching

This is the second post of a three post series on my design process. If you would like to read the previous post, please, click here. The next step in the process is sketching how I envision the final product and making additional notes. There is a lot of practice required for this stage, but best of all, anyone can do it.

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