FO Friday: Inktober 2017 (Day 4)

I’m proud of this illustration. Drawing hair has been the bane of my existence for a long time. While there is definitely room to grow, this is probably one of my best works thus far. The prompt of the day was Underwater. I didn’t have to dig deep or find a lot of reference material for this illustration.  Continue reading FO Friday: Inktober 2017 (Day 4)

Finishing: Inktober 2017 (Day 3-2)

I skipped the second day of Inktober’s partial work because there were a few discrepancies with perspective. So, I moved onto the second image from the third day. The two drawings are close-ups of the face, but more specifically the mouths. I’m not quite certain why the need arose to do this, but it did and I’m content.

Continue reading Finishing: Inktober 2017 (Day 3-2)

Finishing: Inktober 2017 (Day 1)

This Inktober provided challenges for my drawing. I realized how basic my knowledge basic is, and it’s frightening. I knew I was behind and had a steep learning curve, but not this steep! So, I decided to take my time finishing this year’s drawings using some of the techniques from a pool of Pinterest references and YouTube.  Continue reading Finishing: Inktober 2017 (Day 1)

Inktober 2017

Inktober is an artist’s challenge started in 2009 by Jake Parker. Artists create an ink drawing using daily prompts and post them online. The tagline is “31 Days 31 Drawings”.

October is typically a busy month in our family. Among birthdays, annual Halloween traditions, and knitting, there is little time allotted to other activities. This year I changed that up a bit by spending time learning digital inking on two platforms Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. Continue reading Inktober 2017