#ConnectTheDots Challenge 2 and 3


April 2018 Mobile Wallpaper

It’s time for a sneak peek! April’s mobile wallpaper is complete. If you would like a copy of the final image for your phone or tablet, join the mailing list or subscribe to me on Twitch.



You can find the sign-up form in the sidebar if you shooed away the pop-up.

Happy April!
❤ Emily

Connect the Dots Drawing Challenge

Have you heard of the Doodle Shapes Challenge from @1hour1sketch (Twitter Link)? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

Watch the video, meet Adam, and learn about the challenge below:

One day we were chatting about doodle shapes and toddler life on discord and we came up with a concept for a new doodle challenge. Essentially, I let Nathaniel (my 3-year-) paint dots using my Huion tablet and doodlers choose the shapes they see the different dot patterns.

The first Connect The Dots Challenge looked something like this:

The concept of connecting the dots is a loose translation because any and all connections are acceptable. The dots are almost like a Rorschach test, but, have no fear, this isn’t a quiz on your mental state. It’s just a fun drawing challenge to get you thinking about something different.

Join the Knit-a-Doodle Doer’s Discord to get the next Connect The Dots template and share with the community. Sharing is definitely caring for this group.

Knitwear Designing Update:

Hey, guys!

Designing is in a holding pattern around finishing a sample. It is probably my least favorite thing right now. During the spring, I’m all about doing as much as humanly possible and repeating the same set of stitches over some 240+ stitches for 20″ or more, is not fun for me. I like more complex projects around this time. However, to move forward I need to finish this sample. Ugh! lol

You can check my progress every Saturday during my Twitch stream at 8PM US Central Time (-5 GMT). I also talk about the design process, show current and future designs, spin yarn, and talk fiber preparation.

This past Saturday, I showed off the Comb and Hackle sets purchased from Blue Mountain Handcrafts and explained how they are used.

It’s always a ton of fun on Saturdays. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about constructing yarns and textiles. If you’re interested in seeing anything in particular on my stream, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord.

Until then, happy stitches!


Mo. 1 Wk 3: Cables #52Swatches

I’m back with another swatch. This one was difficult to reproduce stitch by stitch. During the first week, I could only sketch the first four rows. So, I reverted to an old art trick by creating a grid and drawing one square at a time. Over the last two weeks, I worked on it bit by bit.

This is the final result:

So, now I am onto the next swatch. I’m hopeful that I will finish it within the week.

If you would like to join the challenge, look to the original post for more information. I look forward to seeing your sketches.


Sneak Peek: March Wallpaper

Holy moly, February went quickly! I hope you enjoyed your Mardi Gras and had plenty of pączkis.

Below is a sneak peek of the March wallpaper. If you haven’t joined my perks only mailing list, please do. There is a link in the sidebar if you whisked away the pop-up.

I really didn’t know what to draw for this month. Nath was hanging all over me, so I decided to draw that. If you’d like more input, please join me on Twitch and Discord.

Enjoy your perks!

Manic Monday Stream

Starting Monday, February 5th, I will be streaming, but this ain’t yo mama’s stream. I’m going to make it fun. A spin of the wheel will determine what the theme of the stream will be. Once the wheel selects a theme, we’ll vote on the subject matter in chat.

There are a lot of choices:

  • Try a New Brush Set
  • 1 Hour 1 Sketch
  • Art Movement Study
  • Pose Study
  • Anatomy Study
  • Style Study

I’m open to more ideas to add to the wheel. Feel free to add them to the #streams channel in my Discord server.

Don’t forget that if you have Amazon Prime, you also have Twitch Prime. This allows you to watch ad-free, as well as subscribe for free to one Twitch (Affiliate or Partner) per month. If you’re a gamer, you’ll also get bonus loot in-game. So, link your Prime account now.


New Twitch Stream Schedule:

Saturday thru Monday 8PM US Central/2AM UTC
Tuesday 10AM US Central/4PM UTC

#1hour1sketch Drawing Challenge

I follow A4manArtist on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. He started the #1hour1sketch drawing challenge. Every Wednesday, at 1PM US Central/7PM UTC, artists join Adam on his Twitch channel to determine the challenge prompt and do their best to draw it within the hour.

The prompt for January 24th, was a creepy scarecrow. Apparently, I set the bar high by completing it with color and glow effects, but it wasn’t too difficult to do. That’s because I had a very clear picture of what to do in my mind’s eye. The sketch was quick and dirty. The rest was painting and adjusting duplicate layers in different blending mode.


If you’re looking to join the challenge, I suggest following Adam using the links above, but don’t forget to follow @1hour1sketch, too. Happy sketching!


For more about Adam, visit his portfolio on or chat away in his discord channel.