Part 2 – Back to Basics

I’ve spent a short time working with skulls, drapery, and still life work. It’s part of getting back to the basics of drawing and building a solid foundation in art skills. You can read part 1, here.

This is kind of goofy, but as much as I get back to the roots of drawing, the passion for knitwear designing is tapering off. Therefore, this blog loses focus. So, I’m going to leave my drawings and artwork to social media and Twitch.

Don’t worry, there will still be Saturday’s Sip and Stitch stream on Twitch. It just means my knitwear design takes prominence on the blog over sketching and art. The 52 swatches challenge stays on this blog as it pertains to the knitwear design aspect of drawing.

I hope that you still tune into the blog. Thank you, Lous for redirecting me. 😀


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