FO Friday: Project Polygamy

I bet you were waiting to see a finished project here. Well, traditionally, you would be correct in your assumption. Unfortunately, I have too many eggs in too many baskets.

My project polygamy has left this segment of the week dry as a bone that’s been licked by 20 different dogs over the last year. When those projects are done, you’ll have the fullest content well known to man. That is until project burn out kicks in. So, let’s take a look at what baskets have eggs in them.

Basket #1 – Twitch

I blogged about Twitch last week, but there is news on this front. I’m streaming! My overlays are complete, Streamlabs is integrated, and I have a bot! However, this basket item is a neverending needy project.

It’s something new, which means I have to spend a lot of time setting it up. Streamlabs (SL) recently released their own Open Broadcasting Software(OBS) Beta. It links everything, including Chatbot, automatically. This week I made the switch and couldn’t be happier. There are still a few bugs being worked out, but they’re quick to do it.

Watching others stream and participating in these communities has opened up another basket.

Basket #2 – DiscordApp

Discord has been used primarily as a voice chat client during gaming with friends. Many Twitch streamers use it as a way for fans to interact and share their work in servers rather than over social media platforms. I too have a Discord server.

I love Discord. I can talk with new people, share ideas, and store those ideas in a channel. Unlike Pinterest, I can keep these pretty general and store just text. For instance, Discord allows you to create up to 50 custom emoji (free). I haven’t a clue as to what I want them to be, but I can create a channel to drop a line of ideas, like a Spice Weasel from Futurama.

Between Twitch and Discord, I have a lot of work ahead, but knitting and design are most certainly not left out in this polygamous relationship.

Basket #3 – Pattern Design

I have two designs from the previous calendar year that did not make it into testing due to poor timing of the test. The pattern releases are scheduled for July, but the new designs are scheduled for release between August and November. The Krinkle Skirt started testing on Monday. I still need some testers, too.

Of the 11 new designs, I have one pattern written and being sampled. Four of the designs have yarn support, which means they have been swatched and patterns need to be written out. I’m knee-deep in schematics, spreadsheets, and swatches.

It leaves little time for personal projects.

Basket #4 – Personal Knitting/Spinning

I have so many ideas for projects to complete with my personal stash. It’s depressing that none of them are getting done. They’re so far on the back burner that the Cerise Howl is still not done! I have a spinning project going, but it’s to stave off the potential for project burn out.

Basket #5 – Illustration

Illustration and this blog kind of go hand in hand. I’m working on a desktop wallpaper buffer for the year. With a buffer, maybe I can relax enough to work on those personal knitting projects done before the end of winter.

There are a few drawing challenges I want to take part in, as well as develop my own. I’m thinking about calling it Saturday or Sunday Stitches, 52 swatch sketches in 52 weeks. I would host the image for the particular swatch on this site and we would spend the day drawing that particular swatch.

Originally the concept was to be a 15-day challenge, but once a week would be more manageable, especially for well-established artists with commissions, patreon patrons, etc. So, that is under wraps until I can pull my head out of some of these baskets. An egg shuffle is desperately needed at this point.

Basket #6 – Pen Pals

Believe it or not, I love having a pen pal. Right now, I write to two other people in pen and ink, envelope, and stamp. While the internet allows us to communicate much faster, there is nothing like receiving something other than bills in the mail.

I also like to write instead of type. It’s just another one of those guilty pleasures. Maybe it’s because I crave traditional art materials, but I highly doubt it. There isn’t anything like a crisp piece of paper and a great pen.

As of late, I have fallen behind. I’m grateful my pen pals share the same workload and understanding.

There are many baskets and they all have dear places in my heart. Pray that project burn out is never going to happen. I pray that something new and inspiring takes my fancy within the baskets that are already here. I just cannot take more baskets.

What are your baskets? Do you stay monogamous? Feel free to share in your comments below or even join me in Discord.


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