WIP Wednesday: Make Ready

I am by no means a monogamous crafter, let alone knitter. Now that the new year has been rung in, I’m working on more projects than ever. Over the last month, I have been preparing for live streaming on Twitch.

The overlays are complete. Basic panels are on the channel, but there are a few more to add. The next bit comes with custom notifications of followers, subscribers, tips, and cheers. I’m also preparing some special emotes for subscribers. Nightbot also needs to be set up. So, there are a lot of things left to be completed by the end of the month.

I’m super excited to start streaming, too. I’ve been watching a few creative streamers there on the regular. Most are comics artists and illustrators. I’ve seen some knitters and crocheters, but I didn’t quite understand what their streams were about or their overlays were so visually crowded, it was insane.

My stream is primarily a creative stream featuring illustration, but OBS is set up for knitting, too. I love the real-time feedback, and conversation Twitch provides.

Many moons ago I ran an internet radio show with my neighbor called Otaku Radio Chicago. This was before the iPod days. Podcasts and V-logs did not exist. I know, it was a strange day of encoding WAV files into Real Audio Files and uploading them to a website, then pray people would listen.

We had to rig a second microphone with a line in jack and a cassette recorder. When the tape stopped recording, we had to flip the cassette and record on the other side. Nothing was HD, nor real-time.

Twitch is definitely a step up from my Otaku Radio days, and I’m excited! The key is to prevent my laptop from prompting the blue screen of death. So, I’ll keeping up with this progress over the next month!


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