#1hour1sketch Drawing Challenge

I follow A4manArtist on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. He started the #1hour1sketch drawing challenge. Every Wednesday, at 1PM US Central/7PM UTC, artists join Adam on his Twitch channel to determine the challenge prompt and do their best to draw it within the hour.

The prompt for January 24th, was a creepy scarecrow. Apparently, I set the bar high by completing it with color and glow effects, but it wasn’t too difficult to do. That’s because I had a very clear picture of what to do in my mind’s eye. The sketch was quick and dirty. The rest was painting and adjusting duplicate layers in different blending mode.


If you’re looking to join the challenge, I suggest following Adam using the links above, but don’t forget to follow @1hour1sketch, too. Happy sketching!


For more about Adam, visit his portfolio on a4man.com or chat away in his discord channel.


52 Swatches

 Welcome to my drawing challenge!

52 Swatches is a challenge created for knitwear designers. Stitch anatomy is something taken into consideration when drawing design details for submission. So, each week we’re going to draw a new 4″ [10cm] (1200px) square of a particular stitch pattern. Over time, the stitch patterns will become more complex.

The stitch patterns are posted to my Pinterest account. Start with month one and continue for 52 weeks or 13 months. You don’t have to start at the beginning of the month or even the year. I made this challenge to be as flexible as possible.

If you need to stay accountable, use #52swatches in your social media posts to show off your sketches. We’ll be your accountabilibuddies!

I’ll be starting the challenge on Saturday, February 3rd, and sharing my finished sketch on twitch first. Best of luck!

Part 2 – Back to Basics

I’ve spent a short time working with skulls, drapery, and still life work. It’s part of getting back to the basics of drawing and building a solid foundation in art skills. You can read part 1, here.

This is kind of goofy, but as much as I get back to the roots of drawing, the passion for knitwear designing is tapering off. Therefore, this blog loses focus. So, I’m going to leave my drawings and artwork to social media and Twitch.

Don’t worry, there will still be Saturday’s Sip and Stitch stream on Twitch. It just means my knitwear design takes prominence on the blog over sketching and art. The 52 swatches challenge stays on this blog as it pertains to the knitwear design aspect of drawing.

I hope that you still tune into the blog. Thank you, Lous for redirecting me. 😀

Sneak Peek: February Wallpaper

Happy Friday!

If you have not joined the mailing list, yet. Please, do. The next wallpaper is available on Monday, January 29th.

Below is a sneak peek of the final image.

This time I went a little Disney. It worked out well. I did some blending instead of straight cel-shading. I prefer that effect over blocks of darker shades laying on my characters.

Form is super important to my art style. It is the one true thing that I know about my art style. You’ll see more of it in March’s calendar and coming illustrations.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.

Back to Basics

The digression of my development as an artist began during my freshman year of high school. It was my obsession with anime. As time passed, I forgot how to draw realistically. Even drawing from reference photos was not doing the trick.

In college, I could not put together a piece that didn’t look like a 14-year-old made it. The lack of a solid foundation prevented me from moving forward.

For 17 years, I’ve been trying to answer the most asked existential question. Who am I? Furthermore, who am I ask an artist? My adventure began anew shortly after the birth of our son.

I decided to reimbark on this quest to find myself as an artist after becoming an independent knitwear designer. It requires understanding the human figure and fabric drapery as part of submissions to magazines and other publications.

Normally, I would start by using a sketchbook and sketching daily. It’s a great place to start for early ideas, but it would be ten tons of easier to eliminate the sketchbook and scanning part of inserting the image into a design proposal if it was simply digital. So, I strapped on my big girl boots and started where I left off in the digital world.

I understand the concept of inking and the layers part of it from previous experience. I have several jumbo ZIP disks worth of images of previous works. Then there was the pixel art stage. So, digital is a natural choice, too.

Presently, I’m learning a lot from other artists on Twitch (see links in sidebar). One suggested painting many different flowers because they are the most difficult. If you can paint flowers, you can paint anything. I now appreciate my plant science class more than ever before.

So, I’m taking a big step back and looking at art foundations, which includes anatomy and composition. I hope this will invigorate my style and ability to transition between styles more easily. As I begin to answer more questions about myself, the more my style will develop.

The transformation is real, long, but real. So, if you’re willing to watch, I’ll be willing to share.

If you’re interested in the books I’ll be viewing, I’ll list them at the beginning of every month.


Caring for Knits: Save your Sweaters

We’re in the height of sweater season here in Wisconsin. Even though we’ve had a few days of spring weather, it’s still necessary to keep out those sweaters. Finding proper drawer storage for them has become problematic until I came across a USA Today video on YouTube.

It shows how to hang your sweaters without the guilt of ruining them. I tried it, and it’s amazing! No longer will my sweaters sit stacked on my nightstand. Check out the video below:


Now, the only thing to do is invest in some quality hangars that will hold up to the heavier sweaters. Hellooo, Amazon!


Sunday Night Sketching – Stream

On Sunday nights, I’ll be streaming some basic sketches. It’s a really a time for me to do some reference photo study. This past Sunday, it was all about facial expressions. the reference photo was of eyes only. The remaining portions were drawn from memory.

Here are the sketches:


My current stream schedule is:

Saturday – 8 PM (US Central) – Sip & Stitch
Sunday   – 8 PM (US Central – Sketching
Tuesday  – 10 AM (US Central) – Task Mastering

Stop by, lurk or chat. Either is okay by me.