FO Friday: Worsted Boxy

Huzzah! It is finished! After nearly 6 months of work, this sweater is DONE.

I cannot believe it’s finally over. This is probably the longest I have ever spent working on a project. Yes, there was downtime due to designing obligations, but it still took quite a while to complete.

One might think, hey it’s a worsted weight yarn, and it would knit up faster. I lied to myself to justify starting this project with that line of thinking. Although, I would hate to think of this knit in fingering weight.

There is one thing I would do differently with this project, skip the variegated color band in the sweater’s body, or continue it up to where the armholes are supposed to be sewn together. I feel it does not provide positive visual shaping lines as is. That is the lesson this particular project imparted.

Pattern Review:

Overall, this pattern is easy to follow and allows for a lot of customization for advanced knitters. I will definitely use it again and look forward to knitting the V-neck version.

Please, link to my MisterLinky widget to show off your finished objects. I would love to see them.

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