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As of late, knitting has taken a back burner. Most of my designs for the next fall and winter season are drawn up and ready to swatch, but I feel burnt out on that front. So, I decided to take to the sketchbook.

This week I wanted to start jumping into some simple style study by checking out a few library books. The first books I looked for were the masters of Art Nouveau. Alphonse Mucha is my favorite, but also the most well known.

When it comes to hair and fabric drapery, it’s the best! The background elements push the figure into the foreground with delightful opulence. The muted color palette is sublime.

There are a few artists with similar linework. The slight variation makes them unique and worth study.

Another of my favorites is Louis Tiffany. His windows are beautiful and elegant. While I don’t plan on taking up glass making, many artists draw thicker black lines and paint the space between to mimic its style. It’s something worth exploring.

While I’m trying to ditch the anime style from my character styling, there are some elements of Disney’s animation worth keeping. So, I checked out a children’s book on how to draw the Disney Princesses. Since I have some familiarity with their style (20 years ago), it is where I began.

Below is a gallery of what I’ve been drawing over the last couple of days:

I also used Istebrak’s Portrait Studio to imitate some lighting. It’s a wonderful tool for reference. You can catch a link on my Resources Page.

As I move forward through practicing from references, you’ll get to see some of them via this blog and my new Ko-fi page updates.

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