WIP Wednesday: Cersei Howl

I planned this project during the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival (September). It’s probably the one good fiber-related idea I had that day. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bought any yarn. How crazy is that?

I set aside the Cersei colorway (Bumblebee Acres Farm Croquette Sock) for a The North Remembers Cowl but wound up frogging it for this project. Instead of needing more yarn for 2 projects (hat & cowl), the idea of stretching out this skein in a single project sounded more practical. So, I purchased four mini skeins of a variety of bases to match the Cersei colorway from Pumpkinhaus.

I chose a brown boucle (pictured), a brown and gold filament yarn, a bronze sock yarn, and a dark red sock yarn. The boucle yarn was chosen to show off texture along the cowl top and face region. The others will be strategically placed in the hood and cowl to highlight the main colorway.

This project has been ripped out and started again for two reasons. The first being I didn’t completely understand how StevenBe’s Howl was constructed. The first 3 sets of purl rows are at the top of the project, and then the cowl stitches are made. By the time I came to that realization, the boucle was not added.

The second was stitch gauge. I started using a US 6 [4.0mm] needle but found that they did not hold together well. Therefore, I needed to change to a smaller needle, a US 4 [3.5mm] to be precise. Ripping back 16 rows was worth it.

I’m almost finished with the second repeat. Yay! What are you working on? Show it off by clicking the MisterLinky Widget below:



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