Finishing: Inktober 2017 (Day 17)

Welcome to Day 17’s finished illustration where I tried two new techniques/tutorials for coloring the hair and eyes. Deviant art houses most of my favorite tutorials.

I typically find my tutorials via Pinterest because it is a vast visual library of searchable tutorials. It also provides a plethora drawing references. If you click HERE, you’ll find the coloring references I’ve been using.

For the eye, I used a combination of tutorials from Maruviegurochii, and Saviroosje. The hair tutorial used for this project is ChiliChizu’s.

The one thing I want to incorporate into my illustrations is complex coloration. Applying color theory to fiber-related projects is easy for me, but not in illustrations. That is why I used ChiliChizu’s tutorial for the hair.

She uses at least four different colors; base, shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. It’s not a variety of tones from the base color, but actual different colors. That was one of my beginner mistakes.

I think the correction and use of a complex palette provides a beautiful and realistic touch to the final product. If I was attempting to add a more dramatic flare, I would have gone darker with all but the highlight colors. There are a few more hair tutorials I’m going to use in the future.

In the future, I would also like to use more realistic eye coloring. Gurochii’s tutorial provided the most realistic eye coloring tutorial. Yes, the link is a rainbow eye tutorial, but the principle used is much more like a real eye.

The eyes of this character are cartoonish, but that is the style I’m using. Symmetry is an issue I have regarding eye shape. It’s why I draw more tilted faces instead of forward-facing ones.

It’s a trick and that’s all. Drawing symmetrically takes a lot of practice, and I’m working on it. Using a computer may help, but it’s not a total problem solver.

Another shortcoming is the lack of backgrounds in my work. It’s something I hope to rectify this by the end of 2018. For my girliest photos, I want to create some lacey frames and pastel grungy background (totally bishojo)!

One of the lines I like the most is the outlining of the face. Drawing it flowed naturally and clean. Is it possible to squee over a perfectly drawn line?


The drape work of the dress turned out better than I expected as well. One thing I’m working on with all of my works is to eventually remove linework. Before I finish my illustration, I double check the coloring of the finished work.

This one shows that I’m still heavily dependent upon my lines. I’m getting much better about this by reading tutorials, watching videos, and practicing in my sketchbook. Yes, I still have a sketchbook.

If you have any tutorials to suggest, please do. Challenges are also welcome. I would love some fashion drawing tutorials or videos to check out.


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