RIP Mr. B&D: A Coffee Maker Tale

This week our trusty Mr. Black & Decker coffee pot died. His button failed and broke into its body. I’m deeply saddened by this sudden loss.

His death left us in the lurch Sunday morning. So, I ran off to Meijer to find a cheap replacement. Cheap it was.


Mr. Mr. Coffee’s brew is not as true as I had hoped. He leaves grounds in every pot. To this I say, you are no replacement for our beloved Mr. Black & Decker, but a stop gap until we find a more true brewmaster. On the bright side of things, we still have the box and all of its contents.

With the biggest sales of the year coming this weekend, I hope to score a good deal on a true brewmaster. I’m looking into a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 (pictured and linked below). Right now, Meijer holds the best deal if I go on Saturday with a Santa Bucks coupon. They normally sell this for $79.99, but with a Santa Bucks coupon, it would be $64.99 + tax.

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I like the idea that we can also purchase K-cups for when we have company visiting. It means we don’t have to make a pot of decaffeinated or regular coffee or find an extra burner to put a kettle on for tea. Our kitchen is a standard postage stamp of space on a #10 business envelope. Saving space is a big selling point for this coffee maker.

It will be a big adjustment for our kiddo because we’re training him to make us coffee. Right now, he scoops the beans into the grinder, presses the button, and starts the coffee maker. He can still do these things, but now, he needs a footstool to reach the on/off buttons.

The reviews on rate it as 4.4 out of 5 stars from 477 users.
The reviews on rate it as 4.8 out of 5 stars from 67 users.
The ratings on are 4.7 out of 5 stars from 40 users.

Below is a video of an open box model. I watched it and feel more familiar with the machine already.

In conclusion, I think this will be our new true brewmaster for many years to come. We’ll see what Mr. Knit-a-Doole has to say about it, but usually, he leaves these types of purchases up to my discretion.

Now, my only decision is to figure out what to name this guy. Mr. FlexBrew, Master of Wooshing Waters? Lord Hamilton, Brewmaster Supreme? What do you have for me, readers?



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