WIP Wednesday: The Worsted Boxy

For the better part of five months, I have been knitting a Worsted Boxy Sweater by Joji Locatelli with the bees at Bumblebee Acres Farm. It was supposed to be done by the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, but life happened.

I hurt my leg, hip, and lower back after taking a long walk with the family. Most of the time I had to lay down and elevate the leg, which, as you may know, is not good for knitting large pieces. So, it was delayed.

Patterns also don’t write themselves. Again, Boxy knitting was delayed.

Most of my pattern projects are complete. All projects, with one exception, are done, and I can resume my fun knitting.

In the last week, I finished the majority of the back before neck and shoulder shaping. (Only 2″ [5cm] left to go. Woohoo!) I’m looking forward to finishing this sweater before the end of the year.


The yarn I used for this project is Malabrigo Worsted* in Indigo and Plena. My local yarn store always has some in stock.


Here is a picture of my partner in crime, Bailey. He is always nearby when I’m knitting on the couch.

What kind of yarn would you choose to knit a Worsted Boxy? Have you ever knitted a Boxy pattern from Joji? Please, feel free to add pictures of your knitting companions, too.

Link your projects directly to this blog:

*=Love Knitting Affiliate Link


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