Blogging Calendar

Hi, readers!

I have some new knitting and illustration content coming in the next couple of months. My goal is to post three times per week by the end of 2018. Scheduling unique content without burnout is essential, so I’m starting out small.

Every other Wednesday will feature WIP Wednesdays where I post progress photos of my current projects. I love seeing WIP photos and hearing about new projects.

On those other Wednesdays, I’ll share photos based on a theme without additional text. This is my version of Wordless Wednesdays.

On Fridays, I’ll talk about finished projects. Typically, I post about pattern releases on the first Friday of the month.

If you’d like to share your projects, I’ll provide a Mister Linky list widget for all Wednesday and Friday posts.

Each month, starting in January, I’ll have a downloadable monthly desktop wallpaper. As time goes on, I’ll offer mobile wallpapers as well.

Other content to look forward to:

  • Resource page
    • including resource/product reviews
  • Knitwear design process posts
  • A Facebook page
  • 2018 Christmas Cards

Thanks for sticking with me!





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