Finishing: Inktober 2017 (Day 3-2)

I skipped the second day of Inktober’s partial work because there were a few discrepancies with perspective. So, I moved onto the second image from the third day. The two drawings are close-ups of the face, but more specifically the mouths. I’m not quite certain why the need arose to do this, but it did and I’m content.


The first image has a few roots in my childhood. My favorite book was and is Matilda by Roald Dahl. The sketchy line work along the hair and thin lips remind me of Quentin Blake’s illustration style.



His style utilizes minimalistic line art. I would love to experiment with his line art style but use muted colors.

The second image I drew was meant to have full lips, but I didn’t initially perceive the whole picture. Together these images have different implications, political ones in fact.  You can see the two look much like Democratic Party patrons/matrons President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which was not intended.

The two styles are definitely different. The first is a bit more complex and shaken up while the second is smooth and transparent in places. My subconscious must have been transferred to my pen.

I really enjoy how the background color shows through the shadows perfectly. It looks more complex. If I could change one aspect of the coloring, the brush tips would fade out along the jaw better.

Overall, it was good practice and I look forward to sharing more of my digital illustration progress with you.


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