Crashy Cats

Crashy Cats Opening Screen

I’m always on the hunt for new games to play on my phone with our toddler. He loves it when we play Pocket Mortys from [adult-swim] games, but it’s too advanced for a 3 year old. Then I found Electric Turtle’s Crashy Cats.

Crashy Cats is a side-scrolling game where you try to create the most damage as possible while avoiding dogs and getting stuck. You can pick up more cats along the way, too. More cats = more lives.

The simplicity of the controls, tapping = jumping, makes it easier to enjoy all of the destruction. It’s addicting! Watch the trailer below, and you’ll see what I mean:


It’s a good thing this app is free at the Google Play Store. There are ads and in-game purchases, but they don’t push them like other games. That is why this game is perfect for playing with our toddler.

Have you played this game? What are your thoughts?


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