This Inktober provided challenges for my drawing. I realized how basic my knowledge basic is, and it’s frightening. I knew I was behind and had a steep learning curve, but not this steep! So, I decided to take my time finishing this year’s drawings using some of the techniques from a pool of Pinterest references and YouTube. 

This character was designed to embody the concept swift. She’s called Foxy and the newest in a long line of Little Guardians. My Little Guardians came about in 2010 while working as a cashier at Meijer.


The Little Guardians are kawaii or chibi style female characters with wings, a blue hooded cloak, and an aspect of nature they protect indicated by their adornments and co-stars (i.e., plant, animal, etc.). It is a simplistic design with a multitude of possibilities.

The Little Flower Guardian has been hiding in a sketchbook since 2011 as pure line art. She is one of many, but here you can see her finished as of October 15th, 2017. I hope to begin working on her sisters once my Inktober artwork is complete.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the Little Guardians, please comment below.